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The returned packet from NP1 can be sent back to the route processor card over eight fabric link paths between the line card slot and the route processor.A list of all of the tests along with frequency of test packets can be seen with the show diagnostic content location command.Refer to NP LoopBack Diagnostic Path section in order to understand the loopback fault.The term RX direction refers to the direction from the standpoint of the RSPs crossbar fabric interface from a fabric crossbar interface on a Typhoon-based line card.

With unicast packets, the switch fabric chooses the outgoing link based on the current traffic load of the link, which helps to subject diagnostic packets to the traffic load on the router.Improve your field service experience with Field Nation. With over 5 million completed jobs, Field Nation is the best place to complete work & manage projects.This diagram depicts the packet path between the route processor card CPU and the line card NP1.This bug also introduced a new admin configuration CLI command.This diagram depicts the packet path between the route processor card CPU and the line card NP2.The platform team has installed state-of-the-art fault handling so that the router recovers in subseconds if and when any data path recoverable failure occurs.This document builds the necessary background needed in order to isolate a faulty component when such an error occurs.

ASR 9000 Series Punt Fabric Data Path Failures Troubleshoot Guide.The response packet from NP1 towards the standby route processor uses both links, but one link at a time.

FAQ section, then check if the main document addresses the question.

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Hard faults can occur due to environmental conditions and unrecoverable faults in hardware components.

Lottery and charitable gaming products are only available to those persons 18 years of age and over, while casinos and slot facilities in Ontario are restricted to those persons 19 years of age and over.In order to confirm, collect the ltrace outputs from the line card and both the RSPs ( show controller fabric crossbar ltrace location ) and check if this output is seen in RSP ltraces.Learn how Eclipse gives this full-line. Keep everyone connected whether in the office or in the field. Epicor distribution software offers robust.How to create a distribution list from your contacts in Outlook. In table views, the distribution list name appears in the Full Name field.Sometimes it can be difficult to associate transient faults to any particular event.This rare issue might be encountered on either Trident- or Typhoon-based line cards.The Bridge FPGA ASIC is not present on Typhoon-based line cards (except for the 100GE Typhoon-based line cards).Note: This section of the document applies to any line card slot in a chassis, regardless of chassis type.

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This problem only affects the Trident-based line cards and is only encountered in rare cases with heavy ingress path congestion.

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The default frequency of the diagnostic packet towards each NP is one packet per 60 seconds or one per minute.This problem is addressed with Cisco bug ID CSCug90300 and is resolved in IOS-XR Release 4.3.2 and later.

Planar Inverted F Antenna - PIFA. • The introduction of an open slot reduces the frequency. Electric Field Distribution.If a transient fault occurs more than once, then treat the transient fault as a hard fault, and use the recommendations and steps in order to analyze such faults described in the next section.Cisco has fixed an issue where the Fabric ASIC (FIA) might get reset due to an unrecoverable First In First Out (FIFO) overflow condition.The active route processor and standby route processor diagnose independently and in parallel.For this example message, there is not a corresponding clear PFM message.There is a new admin config command that is used in order to accomplish this.

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All of the other links between the line card slot and. Failures Between RSP440 Route Processors and Typhoon Line Cards. Cisco has. admin show diagn result loc 0.This means that the response packet from the NP towards the active route processor can choose any of the fabric links that connect line cards to the route processor card based on the fabric link load.Hi-Performance: - Tools Trains Parts Electronics Signs Engines & Fuel Model Kits Specialty/Craft Hobbies Diecast Slot Cars R/C Boats R/C Planes R/C Drones Wood.The link that connects B0 and NP0 is the only link specific to NP0.Fastenal is the largest fastener distributor in North America. Shop our huge selection of OEM, MRO, construction, industrial, and safety products.

DNOW has over 300 locations in more than 20 countries. We continue to grow with our customers globally to support their safe and efficient operations.If it does, then raise a service request with the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) in order to troubleshoot the problem.However, in earlier code, it could take several seconds to retrain, which resulted in lost packets for that time frame.Diagnostic packets injected from the active route processor into the fabric towards the NP are treated as unicast packets by the switch fabric.Dr. Dhanesh G. Kurup, Rydberg, A., and Himdi, M., “Transmission line model for field distribution in microstrip line fed H-slots”, Electronics Letters, vol. 37.Since diagnostic packets are sourced from both route processor cards and tracked on a per route processor card basis, a diagnostic packet sourced from a route processor card is looped back to same route processor card by the NP.

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One method to determine if an NP is currently oversubscribed or has been oversubscribed in the past is to check for a certain kind of drop inside the NP and for tail drops in the FIA.For example, the Bridge ASIC 0 (B0) is common to NP0 and NP1, while FIA0 is common to all NPs.

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After the reload, if the error is not recovered, initiate an Return Material Authorization (RMA).

Packet Path Between the Active Route Processor Card and the Line Card.You see both a punt fabric data path failure for that NP as well as an NP loopback test failure.